Our Classes

Beginners (aged 3-6): This class consists of Ballet, Lyrical, Modern-Jazz and Tap all squeezed into a 1-hour class on a weekly basis.  It enables young children to try out various genres of dance before deciding upon which one(s) they wish to learn.  Often the genre they enjoy most will surprise you!  All young beginners will be placed into this class however upon turning 7, classes will begin to be taught separately.  At this stage, individuals will be able to choose to keep up all genres or elect to just continue 1 or 2.

Ballet: A classical dance class that is highly structured and focuses on developing intricate technique and grace.  Ballet forms the basis for most genres of dance we know today.

Lyrical: Often considered to be a combination of ballet and modern dance.  Lyrical involves many technical elements of classical ballet yet has the freedom, fluidity and expressiveness of modern dance.  It is often performed to slow ballad music and is focused on emotion through movement.

Modern: A type of dance that is often requires high energy levels and flexibility – think jumps, leaps, kicks and splits! It is much more free in style than the structured code of technique in Ballet and can be performed to a wide range of music from traditional jazz to contemporary chart music.  However, any student wishing to take Modern MUST take Ballet as well, as the technique forms a fundamental basis.

Tap: Characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels and is performed wearing tap shoes (shoes with small metal plates fitted on the ball and heel).

Beginners 12+: Developed for the “late starters” (in my opinion, it is never too late to find a passion for dance!)  For those who always wished they had danced when they were younger or for those who did dance when they were younger, gave it up and want to return – this class if for you!  Students will study all four major dance disciplines – ballet, tap, modern and lyrical.  For ages 12 and up.

Flexibility and Conditioning: Aimed at nurturing the perfect dancer! These classes will incorporate a variety of methods to stretch and extend the flexibility of all major muscles required as a dancer.  Exercises to boost core and muscular strength and stability will also completed to aid technique in all dance disciplines.

Hip-Hop: Also known as “street dance”.  This type of dance is often seen commercially and is primarily performed to hip-hop or modern day chart music.  It includes a wide range of styles such as breaking, locking and popping.  Moves are generally very energetic and music tends to be very upbeat.  Think ‘Diversity’!

Acting and Musical Theatre: Individuals will have the opportunity to develop an extensive range of performance skills such as mime, improvisation and script work through individual, paired and group work. Children will gain appreciation for the need for appropriate use of voice, gesture and expression in portraying a character effectively to an audience.  Various genres will be covered including straight acting, comedy and musical theatre.

Adult Ballet (recommencing Sept 2017): This class is aimed at building fitness levels but in a unique and exciting way.  You’re guaranteed to have so much fun you’ll forget you’re even exercising!  Dancing is a great way to improve your cardio and strengthen and tone muscles.  No experience necessary!

**All classes are suitable for boys and girls**

2 thoughts on “Our Classes

  1. I’m 15 and am very interested in starting your beginners class, is 15 too old to start and do you have times for the classes I could attend?

  2. Hi my daughter is 13 and would like to try hip hop dance she would be a complete beginner. Have you any days or times that would suit her -thanks

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