Class Schedule

4.30-5.30pm: Festival Classes
5.30-6.00pm: Junior Lyrical Troupe (MFT)
6.00-6.30pm: Junior Modern Troupe (RTW)
6.30-7.00pm: Inter Modern Troupe (SD)
7.00-7.30pm: Inter Lyrical Troupe (TC)
7.30-9.00pm: Festival Classes

3.00-4.00pm: Combined Beginners
4.00-4.30pm: Modern – Grade 1
4.30-5.00pm: Tap – Grade 1
5.00-5.45pm: Modern – Grade 2
5.45-6.15pm: Tap – Grade 2
6.15-7.00pm: Modern – Grade 4 (I)
7.00-7.45pm: Tap – Grade 3/4
7.45-8.30pm: Ballet – Grade 3 (S)
8.30-9.15pm: Modern – Grade 4 (S)
9.00-10.00pm: Ballet – Grade 4 (S)

2.45-3.30pm: Festival Classes
3.30-4.15pm: Ballet – Introduction to Grade 1
4.15-5.00pm: Ballet – Grade 2
5.00-6.00pm: Acting & Musical Theatre
6.00-6.30pm: Flexibility & Conditioning
6.30-7.15pm: Ballet – Grade 4 (I)
7.15-7.45pm: Senior Lyrical Troupe (FTB)
7.45-8.30pm: Senior Modern Troupe (V)
8.30-9.15pm: Modern – Advanced
9.15-10.00pm: Festival Classes

3.30-4.00pm: Festival Classes
4.00-4.30pm: Tap – Primary
4.30-5.00pm: Modern – Primary
5.00-5.45pm: Hip-Hop – Juniors
5.45-6.30pm: Tap – Intermediate
6.30-7.00pm: Senior S&D Troupe (LB)
7.00-7.30pm: Senior Lyrical Troupe (W)
7.30-8.00pm: Pointe Technique
8.00-8.45pm: Ballet – Intermediate 
8.45-9.30pm: Festival Classes

9.00-9.45am: Ballet – Primary
9.45-10.45am: Combined Minis 1
10.45-11.30am: Ballet – Grade 2 (J)
11.30-12.30pm: Combined Minis 2
12.30-1.15pm: Ballet – Grade 2 (I)
1.15-5.00pm: Festival Classes 

**Timetable Subject to Change**

19 thoughts on “Class Schedule

  1. I would be interested in my daughter attending the dance class. Could you contact me on the following number, 07715111776.



  2. my 5 (soon to be 6) years old daughter is interested in learning ballet, can u send me email with prices etc thanx

  3. Hi Hannah aimee will be starting the summer scheme on Monday but I had ticked the sheet for her to start the other classes could u email me her times and costs for each class. Thanks sharleen

  4. Hi, my daughter is 3 and will be starting primary 1 in September. Would you be able to e mail me the times and cost of classes that would be suitable for her? Thanks!

  5. Would love to ask about starting lyrical tap and modern! Already do hiphop at vibe academy in lurgan! Email me! 🙂

    • Hi Elaine, yes! This is actually the only class I have spaces for! I will forward you more info via email now. If you don’t get it just let me know and I’ll try again. Thanks, Hannah 🙂

  6. Morning Hannah, just wondering if you have any availability in your beginners class for 3 year old? Thanks, Zoe

  7. Hi , my little girl is 3 and really wants to go to dance classes. which classes would be for her ? is it the combined minis? if so would there be a place on a Saturday available?

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